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Push-to-Talk & Radio Communication Systems

Real-time, industrial-grade voice and data communications via radio, cellular or Wi-Fi networks.
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Two men in hard hats taking through a push-to-talk radio

Two-way radio – a quick, simple, robust communications solution for your workplace

Our two-way radio solutions span simple, on-premise radio solutions through to advanced, cloud-based solutions with a wide range of features to meet your communication needs.


We have deployed over 100,000 radio devices nationally.


Progility Technologies are a member of ARCIA and a proud 2021 silver partner.

$4 billion

Australia has a $4 billion wireless communications industry.

$25 billion

The global Push-To-Talk market size is projected to reach $25.2 billion USD by 2027, exhibiting a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.0% during the forecast period (2020-2027).

The Details

Radio Connectivity

Designed to provide communication across single and multiple sites, Progility’s solutions allow radio users to freely move between sites and remain connected to the system. Progility can design and deliver tailored solutions to address your multi-site connectivity requirements.

Cloud-based radio systems

Radio systems are evolving, from being an on-premise (single or multi-site) solution into a cloud-based environment. Leveraging IP connectivity in place of traditional connections, enables all the standard features you expect of a radio system, with added flexibility. Using a cloud-based solution also allows for many additional features such as calling directly between users (with the added benefit of video calls) or system features such as dynamically creating channels.

Dispatch Solutions

Our Two-Way Radio and PTT dispatch solutions are Command & Control Centre solutions that provide control room operators and/or fleet managers with the best tools available. They can organise, coordinate and manage business activities with the ability to respond quickly and effectively in any situation.

Integration with Push-to-Talk over cellular/Wi-Fi

Deploying a radio gateway into a cloud platform removes the coverage constraints experienced by traditional radio systems. Combining cloud connected clients and the radio gateway, enables communications between a radio user and any location the client has an IP connection.

A radio gateway, can enable you to move to the cloud at your own pace, without the need to upgrade the entire site.

Radio Systems Expertise

With over 30 years’ experience across multiple industry verticals, we have a deep understanding of customer pain points and can effectively deliver outcome-based solutions. Our partnerships with leading vendors and our national footprint, give customers the reassurance they need in their radio communications system investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is two-way radio?

The term two-way radio is a technology that allows individuals to keep in contact with each other using radio waves.

My current radio system is old and no long meeting our business requirements. What else is out there?

We hear this frequently from our customers. We bring our deep experience working in the communications space to assist you in understanding your true business requirements and, taking your budget and timeline into consideration, will help you make the optimal purchasing decision.



Can radios and radio communications systems be integrated into a Unified Communications solution?

The simple answer is yes, radio and Unified Communications platforms can be integrated. The integration can best be achieved through understanding your requirements and what each platform supports.

I don’t have radio coverage in certain parts of my building/campus, what solution can you recommend?

Using a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) we can expand the coverage of your existing on-premise radio solution to cover areas of low or no coverage (ie. black spots). A DAS solution can significantly improve user experience, without the cost of replacing the entire radio system.

How can I keep my mobile workforce connected?

A highly mobile workforce can quickly escape the coverage provided by a traditional radio system. Leveraging a cloud-based solution can provide a user with the experience of a two-way radio platform, anywhere they have an internet connection.

What industries traditionally rely on Two-Way Radio and Push-to-Talk communication?

Public safety, emergency services, security, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, mining, utilities, construction, retail and hospitality.

How can I achieve multi-site connectivity?

Many of our customers have connected multiple sites onto one communications platform by leveraging a variety of communications mediums such as a WLAN, Microwave links (point-to-point (PtP) or point-to-multipoint (PtMP)), and Cellular APN, just to name a few.

How can I cater for short term capacity?

Progility’s Radio Rental program allows customers to rent Motorola Two-Way radio hardware for short or long-term periods, to address temporary and/or incremental requirements for radio communications.

Working with Progility Technologies

Your leading technology and critical communications partner in Australia

24/7 Service

24/7 Service

Market leading customer service through our 24/7 Australian based service desk. We are a proudly Australian systems integrator, with a history of over 30 years’ experience deploying emerging communication technologies. We enable critical communications in the moments that matter.

Expert team

Expert team

Our experienced technology team can recommend tailored solutions that will meet your needs. We see ourselves as an extension of your team. We will work with you to understand your business pain points and design a solution that suits.

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions

Our solutions are flexible and diverse. Depending on your needs, we can tailor a solution that can include a blend of support, service, maintenance, service level agreements (SLAs) and transition management.