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Network infrastructure and blackspot remediation solutions

Ensuring communication connectivity across the desired building and campus coverage footprint.
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Enabling you to achieve coverage in the most challenging and remote environments

Progility Technologies can help your business gain secure and stable coverage everywhere from underground mining to in-tunnel or in-building.


The number of devices associated with wide-area IoT networks is projected to grow at 30% per year from 2016 to 2022.


A survey by Connected magazine found that 41% of those working in commercial buildings had experienced occasional problems with in-building coverage.


Wireless carriers are not able to directly control environmental factors that can impede in-building wireless coverage.


In 2019, 56% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones.

The Details

Specialist technical support, when you need it

Our managed services team are contactable 24/7 via our Australian service desk. With an expert team managing your solution you’ll benefit from quick problem resolution.

Industry Experience

Leverage our team’s expert knowledge and over 30 years of experience to improve or enhance your organisation’s ICT infrastructure. Assisting you to define your business requirements, and successfully implement your current and future real-time communications needs with design and implementation services.

Vendor Agnostic

We are 100% impartial. Recommending only the best value ICT service solutions based on a customer’s unique requirements.


Enabling connectivity, communication and collaboration when you need it.

Understanding and resolving your blackspot and coverage problems

Leveraging our team’s expert knowledge and over 30 years of experience in ICT infrastructure we are well placed to understand and ascertain what is causing your blackspot coverage problems.

Radio and Cellular DAS

A Distributed Antenna System or DAS, is a solution designed to Improve two-way radio coverage in buildings, offices and large venues. We can design dedicated antenna infrastructure based on your radio coverage requirements.

Cellular DAS is a solution designed to improve and extend cellular coverage. Both active and passive carrier compliant DAS solutions can be designed and deployed.

Find out more about DAS here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me with my coverage issues?

Our in-house skillsets and knowledge areas cover a wide range of wireless based technologies, including radio, wireless, cellular and DECT.

We can work with you to understand the coverage you are looking for and the how this can be achieved through a process of auditing and designing a solution to meet your requirements, budget or timelines.

Can you help us identify our coverage and blackspot areas?

Absolutely, we have conducted coverage and black assessments for customers across a number of different sites, structures and terrains – all across Australia.

Why is my coverage reduced?

Radio Frequencies (RF) engineering is a very complex topic; in very basic terms, all technologies based on radio/wireless communications rely on a clear line of sight between the user and the antenna. Objects or material between the user and the antenna will produce some interference; the severity of this depends on the different radio frequencies (in basic terms radio waves), which can lead to the signal being absorbed or deflected.

Working with Progility Technologies

Your leading technology and critical communications partner in Australia

24/7 Service

24/7 Service

Market leading customer service through our 24/7 Australian based service desk. We are a proudly Australian systems integrator, with a history of over 30 years’ experience deploying emerging communication technologies. We enable critical communications in the moments that matter.

Expert team

Expert team

Our experienced technology team can recommend tailored solutions that will meet your needs. We see ourselves as an extension of your team. We will work with you to understand your business pain points and design a solution that suits.

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions

Our solutions are flexible and diverse. Depending on your needs, we can tailor a solution that can include a blend of support, service, maintenance, service level agreements (SLAs) and transition management.