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4 October 2023

Retail Technology Deep Dive Part 3: Case Study – Unveiling the Retail Revolution – How a National Retail Giant is Transforming Customer Experience

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, one national leading retailer stands at the forefront, pioneering a shopping experience that promises to reshape the way we indulge in our retail therapy. We’re all familiar with the excitement of strolling through aisles, the touch of a luxurious fabric, or the thrill of finding that perfect gadget. This is where we pick up on our story, setting the stage for a transformative partnership between Progility Technologies (Progility) and one of Australia’s largest retailers whose aspirations to enhance its customers experience converged with Progility’s Inbuilding Coverage expertise, is leading to a journey that is reshaping the retail landscape.

A consultative beginning

Seeking to deepen its relationship with this retail powerhouse, Progility engaged in discussions about the retailer’s challenges. The outcome was a revelation: the retailer was grappling with a substantial loss of business due to the lack of reliable cellular coverage within their stores. This candid admission laid the foundation for a collaboration that would address these hurdles head-on.

But what were the implications of this cellular coverage gap for the retailer?

A Digital Checkout Dilemma

Firstly, the retailer’s flexible payment solutions, including the innovative buy now and pay later apps, presented a paradox. While customers could easily choose this payment method, completing the transaction proved cumbersome and often it simply timed out. In a world where swift digital interactions are the norm, the absence of reliable in-store cellular coverage forced customers to leave the premises in search of connectivity. The consequences were dire: 7 out of 10 potential sales were abandoned as frustrated customers walked out, some never to return.  rethinking their purchases.

A Carrier Conundrum

Secondly, the retailer’s status as a reseller of mobile phone handsets and plans brought another set of challenges. Customers who wished to purchase these plans needed to receive verification messages for the sign-up process. However, the lack of reliable cellular coverage hindered the delivery of these messages, resulting in numerous abandoned transactions, sometimes of high-value, and ultimately lost customers.

Fast forward to today, and the fruits of approximately half a year’s efforts shine brightly. The retailer’s IT and Executive teams, driven by unwavering determination, engaged in rigorous analysis and deliberations. The outcome? Progility was selected to lead the charge in designing and implementing in-building mobile coverage solutions for several flagship stores within the retailer’s expansive portfolio for all shoppers to enjoy. This work has now extended to numerous stores nationwide.

Enter the Progility Recommended Solution: The Q4K

The solution Progility recommended hinged on the Nextivity Cel-Fi Quatra 4000e cellular repeater system, fondly abbreviated as Q4K. Don’t let the name overwhelm you; its capabilities are a true game-changer. The Q4K is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated cellular mobile repeater system designed to amplify carrier coverage across expansive building footprints. Its magic lies in its ability to seamlessly propagate 3G, 4G, and select mid bands of 5G from nearby outside towers into the heart of the property.

Beyond Retail: Pioneering Experiences

While this partnership was forged in the retail realm, its potential extends far beyond. Hospitals, logistics centres, and any space catering to business customers seeking to provide impeccable experiences could benefit immensely from Q4K’s prowess.

As this innovative collaboration continues to unfold, it becomes evident that the marriage of cutting-edge technology and retail intuition is a catalyst for transformative change. The retailer’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences, coupled with Progility’s deep experience, sets the stage for a new era in retail – one where seamless connectivity harmonises with the thrill of shopping.

It’s all about the Customer

Customers come to your business from all walks of life and lifestyles and from every mobile network and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).  The Q4K positions businesses to deliver coverage for all their customers not just those from one mobile network or another.  The result that all users enjoy a seamless experience means that those distractions and frustrations fadeaway and you can concentrate on why the customer came to your store; to buy something.

Intriguingly, this tale of innovation reminds us that behind every challenge lies an opportunity for revolution. The retailer’s journey from cellular coverage woes to an elevated customer experience showcases the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping industries anew. The future is brimming with possibilities, and this retail giant is leading the way, turning challenges into stepping stones toward a more connected, convenient, and captivating shopping universe.

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