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24 August 2023

Retail Technology Deep Dive – Part 1: The Rise of Smartphone Authentication

Is your Inbuilding Coverage Unlocking Payment Security and Enabling Multi-factor Verification or is it Jeopardising Your Customer Purchases?

Gone are the days of traditional retail transactions – smartphones have become the ultimate utility belt, empowering individuals to craft their personalised shopping journeys. However, with the rise of financial security apps, the demand for seamless coverage across the entire retail floor has reached an all-time high. 

Picture this: a three-way dance between shoppers, stores, and banks, where the success of the transaction depends on ubiquitous multi-network mobile coverage right at the point of sale, where the transaction collapses if connectivity falters. 

Inbuilding coverage takes centre stage as the star of the show, especially with the rapid adoption of security systems that check validity of payments between shoppers and banks, shoppers and stores, and stores and banks (EFTPOS). Impulse buying of big-box and high-value goods has turned the familiar retail experience into an identity check marathon, with smartphones being that all-important key to unlocking that exciting new purchase. 

But fear not, as bringing improved coverage to your business brings a more connected and convenient shopping experience. With barriers removed, the web and store technologies come alive, providing enriched experiences for all shoppers. 

Retailers, take note: by leveraging technology and bridging the digital and physical realms of shopping, you can serve your customers more elegantly and strengthen relationships. Adaptation is key, as you address evolving needs and preferences with seamless connectivity. 

And let’s not forget the impending 3G network shutdown – where retailers must consider the implications and opportunities this presents. Those who tackle the challenge of poor inbuilding coverage head-on and move infrastructure towards 4G and 5G will lead the charge in retail innovation. Progility Technologies is a leading technology provider for Australia’s retailers. Contact us to find out how we can help you optimise your inbuilding coverage. 

Image: Some EFTPOS devices and embedded machine-to-machine devices only operate on ‘3G’. It is important for all retailers that haven’t yet audited their systems and devices to do so as soon as possible.  

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