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29 August 2023

Retail Technology Deep Dive – Part 2: Empower Your Retail Success: The Vital Role of Inbuilding Coverage

Inbuilding coverage, specifically referring to improved mobile network connectivity within retail stores and other indoor spaces, has indeed revolutionised customer experience in retail stores in several ways. We explore each area in detail and look at how inbuilding coverage is shaping up to be on every retailer’s priority list.

Enhanced Connectivity: With inbuilding coverage, customers have access to reliable mobile network connectivity even within large and crowded retail stores. This means they can stay connected to the internet, access product information, compare prices, read reviews, and even interact with the store’s mobile app. This enhanced connectivity empowers customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Mobile Payments and Convenience: Inbuilding coverage facilitates the use of mobile payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Flexible Instalment Payment Apps or various other mobile wallets. Customers can now make quick and secure transactions without the need to stand in long queues, thus improving the overall shopping experience.

Personalisation and Targeted Marketing: With better connectivity, retailers can gather real-time data on customer behaviour within their stores. This data can be utilised to personalise offers, recommendations, and targeted marketing campaigns based on individual preferences and shopping patterns. This level of personalisation can create a more engaging and tailored shopping experience.

Improved Customer Service: Retailers can use inbuilding coverage to implement mobile applications that assist customers in finding products, navigating the store layout, or accessing customer support. This quick access to helpful information enhances customer satisfaction and reduces frustration.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): Inbuilding coverage enables the implementation of AR and VR experiences within retail stores. Customers can virtually try on clothes, visualise furniture in their homes, or experience products in unique ways, enhancing the overall shopping experience and increasing customer engagement.

Loyalty Programs via Smartphone Apps: Inbuilding coverage supports mobile loyalty programs and allows customers to easily participate in these programs through their smartphones. This enables customers to collect rewards, access exclusive offers, and receive personalised loyalty rewards, incentivising repeat visits and fostering customer loyalty.

Online and Offline Integration: With consistent and reliable inbuilding coverage through your own infrastructure, the gap between online and offline shopping experiences narrows. Customers can seamlessly switch between browsing products online and visiting the physical store, creating an omnichannel shopping experience that offers convenience and flexibility.

Customer Feedback and Reviews: Inbuilding coverage enables customers to leave real-time feedback and reviews about products and services while still in the store. Retailers can use this data to improve their offerings and address any issues promptly, leading to better customer satisfaction.

Artificial intelligence: AI holds immense potential to elevate the in-store shopping journey by offering personalised recommendations and efficient processes, along with many other benefits that haven’t yet been implemented or realised. For AI benefits to materialise, a fundamental requirement is seamless floor-wide cellular inbuilding coverage. This connectivity is the linchpin that empowers AI-driven systems to provide real-time information, enabling fluid interactions such as instant product inquiries and smooth transactions. The marriage of AI and comprehensive coverage is pivotal for an enhanced and satisfying shopping experience that fosters customer loyalty.

Overall, inbuilding coverage has transformed the traditional retail experience into a more connected, personalised, and convenient journey for customers. By leveraging technology to bridge the digital and physical aspects of shopping, retailers can build stronger relationships with customers and adapt to their evolving needs and preferences more effectively.

It’s time to turn the page to a new chapter of the retail experience, where smartphones and appropriate coverage create unforgettable shopping experiences. This is where Progility Technologies can you support you and your business on this important transition.

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