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Interviews and testimonials

7 March 2022

Expanding Possibilities By Working Together With Waverley Social Enterprises

Progility Technologies is a leading technology and critical communications solutions integrator in Australia. We are a proudly Australian organisation, with a history of over 30 years’ deploying emerging communication technologies, having delivered many first of its kind technologies in Australia. Communication deployments can often include the configuration and dispatch of thousands of devices with Progility Technologies looking to outsource to an external provider to realise efficiencies, increase delivery cycle times and more importantly, fulfill corporate social responsibility objectives.

The Waverley Industries Team.

Waverley Social Enterprise is a not-for-profit organisation that commenced operations in November 1984 with the aim of providing Supported Employment Opportunities for people with special needs, particularly intellectually disabled adults. Waverley Social Enterprise currently employ 330+ adults with special needs, 60+ full time and casual staff across 2 sites located in Notting Hill and Hallam.

“Waverley Social Enterprises was suggested to us for consideration when rolling out radio deployments of significant volume to major customers.” says Megan Hossack, Chief Operating Officer, Progility Technologies. “We were impressed with the scale and variety of capabilities of Waverley’s operation when visiting their Notting Hill site. It was a joy to walk through their plant and see how many workers they have across their various business streams fulfilling projects for some significant brands. It was a special milestone for us as a business to be able to negotiate a new project with Waverley, that also introduced something that was completely new to their team providing them with a new skillset.”

Peter Chaplin, Operations Manager – East Coast Radio Services adds “For some of our large customers, we roll out thousands of radio devices – these radios need to be configured, programmed and then professionally packaged for dispatch. When we approached Waverley Social Enterprises to assist, we went through a process for both parties to understand the requirements and to map out a training program which we provided for them. It was great to see the enthusiasm from the Waverley team to learn something new and we ended up with the team programming and dispatching 5,500 radios over a five-week period. Waverley was able to turn around 250 radios a day on their production lines – allowing us to fulfill delivery commitments effectively.”

“Corporate social responsibility can be achieved through many avenues and forming this partnership with Waverley Social Enterprises has provided us with the opportunity to give back to the community in which we operate, while aligning with purpose means we attract best talent who wish to work with an employer and brand that values social enterprise. For Waverley, being able to build and train a new skillset for an individual means the individual is able to benefit from an increase in confidence, sense of worth and overall fulfillment. We are thrilled to work with Waverley and look forward to many other ways that we can benefit from their services” concludes Peter.

Waverley Social Enterprises are thrilled to be partnering with Progility Technologies across several complex radio programming projects. Over the years the Waverley team have run many jobs which involved the assembly, programming and packing of electrical products, however the work with Progility Technologies allowed our employees to gain new training and experience in using more advanced programming systems while also developing skills in using computers and other equipment. The employees have been extremely happy with the scope of work, and they are always excited for the next opportunity to work on radios for Progility Technologies. We thank everyone Progility Technologies for their ongoing support and partnership with Waverley and we would also like to thank Peter Chaplin once again for his time and effort spent at our Notting Hill site working with staff and training our employees to use the programming systems.

Waverley Industries