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Reliable and effective technology solutions

Utilise the latest technologies to deliver enhanced outcomes for your business, your people and your customers. Our solutions can effectively be integrated into enterprise-wide systems.
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Satisfy customer expectations while mitigating risks

Our intelligent network solutions and technology platforms maximise your safety, productivity and automation while streamlining your processes and costs. Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced many benefits into the utility industry, including automated and real-time management of your ICT and operational technology (OT).


Up to 30% profitability boost through digital optimisation.


Studies have shown up to a 50% reduction in planned maintenance costs can be achieved in a smart site.


McKinsey research shows that up to 50% of work performed today can already be automated with currently available technology.


All plants, irrespective of their maturity levels, are primed to identify and adopt digital technologies to move toward autonomy.

Ticking The Boxes

Utilise the latest solutions to optimise your customer service

Helping utility companies provide an optimised customer experience in delivering essential services through reliable and effective technology solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we partner with Progility Technologies?

We have worked with many customers from the heavy industry sector including energy, mining, utilities, and manufacturing. Onsite we build and maintain your infrastructure and deploy and upgrade communications infrastructure to support your growing need for voice and data communications. Our cloud-based platforms with onsite gateways enable remote workers to stay in-touch with staff onsite.

Can you help me enable a site that allows remote workers to remain connected.

We can ensure that your organisation is set up for onsite or remote work. By enabling a variety of technologies in the network, including UC and Radio spaces, many people can continue their day-to-day duties remotely. Adding automation to the site will increase the flow of data to people working remotely and reduce the risk associated with manual checks not being carried out on a regular basis.

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