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Maximise safety and productivity

Connect operations with enterprise systems and get key analytics to support effective decision making.
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Provide effective and timely communications throughout your entire operations

Borderless communications for workers and management. We can provide connectivity without compromise, while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk. Our logistics, warehousing and transport technology solutions can streamline process and costs. We can optimise your workflow and task management, enhance business responsiveness and efficiency and empower real-time safety and management of drivers and field staff – whether they are in the vehicle delivering or onsite. Providing a wide range of integrations including cloud-based Radio and PTT solutions, GPS data, remote camera recording and specialist monitoring and tracking tools, to name a few.


By 2023, 50% of global product-centric enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility platforms.


By the end of 2024, 50% of supply chain organisations will invest in applications that support artificial intelligence and advanced analytic capabilities.


Online sales increased 93 percent in 2020; while for apparel, fashion, and luxury retailers, online penetration rose to 26 percent, from 16 percent.

Ticking The Boxes

With smart technology – your fleet is always connected

Enabling your operations with specialised monitoring and tracking tools ensures performance, efficiency and a great team experience. Deploying a common interface across the fleet and warehouse builds a connected and collaborative team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve the efficiency of my business?

In last two years many changes have occurred in the industry. COVID-19 has seen unprecedented demand across the entire supply chain, while lockdowns, social distancing regulations, and having staff in isolation, has meant less people, doing more work.

We can assist in improving warehousing efficiencies by providing your staff with one-device connectivity as well as advanced communication and safety solutions.

My devices seem to be losing connection can you help?

We will identify and limit coverage and blackspot problems in your warehouse and wider site by performing a coverage audit. We will work with you to design and remediate any problems within your set budget and timeline.

How can I stay in contact with my team who are spread across a large geographical area?

Communication is key in keeping team members working well together. Using a range of connectivity options, we can assist your team in overcoming more traditional constraints imposed by physical limitations.

Cloud-based Radio and PTT solutions, allow a courier driver to talk with the distribution centre well in advance of their arrival, or enable a team leader to keep track of and communicate with their team from anywhere they have an internet connection.

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