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Seamless experience with tailored technology solutions

Reliable, fast and consistent response to in-store/in-venue needs.
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Enabling a dispersed workforce to communicate efficiently

Having everyone from head office to the customer facing teams on the same platform and interface allows for transparent and clear communications, enables optimal collaboration and ultimately provides a better experience for your customers.


66% of shoppers are likely to check in-store stock before entering a venue.


Click-and-collect continues to grow in popularity with 23% of shoppers now opting for local pick-up.


84% of customer-centric companies focus on the mobile customer experience.


100K+ devices have been deployed by Progility Technologies across retail and hospitality.

Ticking The Boxes

Specialised retail and hospitality technology for exceptional customer service

Progility Technologies is a leading provider of retail and hospitality technology, with extensive reach, service and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we partner with Progility Technologies?

Our team of technology experts take the time to listen and understand the challenges and pain points customers are facing, this enables us to recommend tailored solutions that will meet each customer’s needs and adhere to any relevant regulations/legislations.

How can Progility Technologies assist us to improve customer experience?

Using advanced and emerging technologies such as chatbots and omni-channel contact centres to build better communications models and enhance the customer experience. We partner with leading vendors who have a proven history in this space, allowing us to provide you with the best solution to meet your budget, timeline and functionality ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

What does a retail and hospitality technology roadmap look like?

The roadmap for retail and hospitality leverages a single device across your workforce with a common user interface and feature set. Using cloud based applications such as cloud-based Radio and PTT solutions and UC platforms increases workforce connectivity which has been proven in these environments to reduce noise pollution and provide greater productivity.

Using smart and mobile devices enables the business to futureproof its technology platform providing flexibility to onboard new technologies and customer service concepts as they arrive to the market eg. mobile cashless payments.

We have a number of systems. Can you help us bring these together?

Every business, particularly small to medium size, often face this problem. There might only have been a requirement for one or two systems at the start, then over time new systems have been added to fill a gap or meet a new requirement. We can work with you to understand your sources of data and simplification requirements, then assist in streamlining these into a single interface.

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