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Maximise safety with the right ICT solutions

Improve occupational health and safety outcomes with the right communications in your environment. Enhance productivity through IT and OT networks.
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Man in a hard hard talking on a two way radio while a crane positions a platform above

Connectivity without compromise

Vigilance, preparation and the right technology is required to minimise risk, streamline production operations and provide effective and timely communications. Progility Technologies can support you to adhere to compliance and regulatory legislations, while streamlining processes and cost.


Up to 30% profitability boost through digital optimisation.


Up to a 50% reduction in planned maintenance costs can be achieved in a smart site.


Digitally transformed refineries will be more sustainable, profitable, safer, reliable, energy efficient and able to leverage AI-enabled solutions.


All plants, irrespective of their maturity levels, are primed to identify and adopt digital technologies to move toward autonomy.

Ticking the boxes

Your communications experts in the oil, gas and energy industry

Progility Technologies enjoys long term relationships with leading energy companies across Australia who rely on our industry experience and national footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we partner with Progility Technologies?

Our team of technology experts take the time to listen and will understand the challenges and pain points customers are facing, this enables us to recommend tailored solutions that will meet each customer’s needs and adhere to any relevant regulations/legislations. We have a long-term history working with large oil, gas and energy companies.

Can Progility Technologies help me enable a site that allows remote workers to remain connected?

We can ensure that your organisation is set up for onsite or remote work. By enabling a variety of technologies in the network, including UC and Radio spaces, many people can continue their day-to-day duties remotely. Adding automation to the site will increase the flow of data to people working remotely and reduce the risk associated with manual checks not being carried out on a regular basis.

Solutions for your industry