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A seamless experience from welcome to discharge

Technology in health care connects patients, frontline workers, devices and processes.
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Reimagine health care

Technology advances in health care seek to improve operational efficiencies, frontline worker safety and drives better standards in patient care. Progility Technologies offers health care solutions that link the community, patients and frontline workers together for a seamless and informative experience. Our experts can simplify workflows and provide secure, reliable connectivity. Safety and wellbeing of frontline workers and patients is optimised through various functionality including person down alerts, aggressive patient management, geofencing and tracking. Our team can help integrate messaging and alarms including nurse call, to automate auditable hospital emergency code responses.


52% of hospitals currently use 3 or more connected technologies.


82% of surveyed hospitals consider their Wi-Fi network business critical.


Health care organisations experience 340% more security incidents than the average industry.


40% of patients and visitors ask caregivers to guide them inside healthcare facilities.

Ticking The Boxes

Delivering broad technology in health care

A seamless experience from welcome to discharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Progility Technologies assist us with our digital transformation?

Through our consultancy and advisory services, together we can discuss your needs and requirements and plan a roadmap to deliver the desired enhancements and new technologies designed to enhance both patient and staff experiences and promote efficiencies. Whether that includes a journey to the cloud, exploring new collaboration tools, improving escalation of workflows, location tracking of assets and patients to name a few, our team is experienced. Current systems and sub-systems will be considered, integrating new communication devices to extend digitisation throughout the facilities functioning and maximising the alignment of radio, cellular and wireless ecosystems already present.

How can Progility Technologies help us maximise our operational uptime?

As your partner who invests time in helping you achieve successful outcomes; our experienced technical team will help you identify the technology best suited to meet your needs, ensuring that the value and performance of your systems are always well optimised.

How can Progility Technologies assist us to improve customer experience?

We partner with leading vendors who have a proven history in this space, allowing us to provide you with the best solution to meet your budget, timeline and functionality. Through using advanced and emerging technologies such as chatbots and omni-channel contact centres to build better communications models we enhance the customer experience.

How can Progility Technologies assist us with our emergency management and health and safety?

We offer a range of emergency management functionality that can automatically alert supervisors and management when their staff are in a dangerous environment or are not responding. Tying these lone worker protection features with messaging and alerts allows for the  automation of process workflows.

These tools can also integrate various feeds from a variety of current systems including building management systems – fire alarms, fire panels and temperature sensors – allowing the designated staff to efficiently manage and respond to alarms, internet of things, duress signals, security breaches and other incidents.

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