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Technology for increased safety and security

Technology solutions enabling smart construction sites, buildings and precincts.
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Promoting a safe workforce and workplace

With our technology solutions, the construction industry can communicate safely and effectively, even with a dispersed workforce. Progility Technologies offers integrated solutions that enhance networks, communication and safety, allowing quick identification, notification and communications of hazards.


A study in 2019 by Dynamic Signal found 36% of employees had been placed in an unsafe situation as a result of poor communication in the construction industry.

2.7 billion

2.7 billion workers across the globe don’t work at a desk.

$177 billion

According to a 2018 study by FMI Corp, the construction industry is out of pocket around $177 billion USD every year because of miscommunication, with the high cost attributed to the time it takes to find important project information for conflict resolution.

Ticking the boxes

When it comes to the construction industry, we know what technology solutions are needed

Our technology solutions can help create safer sites, buildings and precincts.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I engage Progility Technologies in the construction process?

We highly recommend that you engage us at the very beginning of a project – during the planning stage. Talk to our dedicated PMO team to find out how we can support you with your critical communications infrastructure.

What is Progility Technologies’ experience working with the construction industry?

We have built up the capabilities and knowledge required to work within the construction industry over 30 years. Progility meets all requirements for state/territory based safety accreditations.

Is Progility Technologies large enough to handle technology solutions for a large construction site?

A unified approach to communication means you can scale your options. With Progility Technologies you get unified critical communications, which includes multiple layers and dimensions of support. Our national workforce is scalable and have the experience, knowledge and expertise required to work across a large construction site.

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