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2 March 2022

Single, smart device rollout with RTLS capability

Progility technologies teamed up with a partner to assist a customer with changing their facilities management provider at several shopping venues across Melbourne. 
Working together, the customers’ requirements were identified through a detailed discovery phase and a best fit solution was then determined which saw a workforce management app deployed to a ruggedised device. This device provides both a smart device and portable radio as a single unit. 
Radio repeaters were installed at each of the sites to provide an independent communication service using the existing antenna installation. 
Our partner deployed location tracking hardware throughout the facilities to enable a team member’s position to be ascertained using consoles located in the control room. 

How our solution fulfilled the customer’s requirements

Requirement 1Enable 2-way communications across the team, management  and the control room.  
What drove requirement 1Two-way communications allows staff to be directed to critical incidents as the control room becomes aware of the incident rather than a staff member learning of the problem while on “route.” 
This is further enhanced by the workforce management environment; which can direct staff to incidents through the app deployed to their smart device. 
How we fulfilled requirement 1Progility Technologies deployed new radio repeaters into each site providing radio coverage in the required areas of the facilities. 

Requirement 2Minimise the devices that staff needed. 
What drove requirement 2The new facilities management provider has a heavier technology focus to optimize the environment. 
This led to the introduction of the workforce management app on a smart device, where traditionally a radio was provided to each user. This would mean each user would have two devices. 
This creates an administrative task to track and maintain a large number of devices along with understanding who maintains each device. 
How we fulfilled requirement 2We deployed a ruggedised smart device which encompasses a portable two-way radio as a single unit. 
This reduces the number of units that need to be provided while allowing for separate communication streams. 

Requirement 3Leverage currently deployed radio infrastructure.
What drove requirement 3Like most Wi-Fi deployments the Wi-Fi at each of the shopping venues was designed to support data.  
Voice over a Wi-Fi network requires a different design approach in order to support the real time nature of speech. 
How we fulfilled requirement 3Each site had an existing Antenna installation, this was tested and remediated as part of the installation of the radio repeaters.