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2 March 2022

Radio Communication Solutions for Commercial Airline

One of Australia’s largest commercial airlines engaged Progility Technologies (Progility) to provide critical communications across a network of three airports servicing the east coast of Australia. 

Progility’s engagement includes the supply, installation and maintenance of a three-site digital radio system including the deployment of dispatch consoles. The system includes third party interoperability and cross connection to aviation frequencies that meet ACMA/ARCIA standards and guidelines. 

Airports are mission critical sites and high traffic/activity centres where communications form part of the critical backbone of operations and strict KPIs are set for all major communication channels to ensure performance and uptime. Progility has expertise in mission critical environments such as airports with secure communication solutions ensuring performance, security and safety. 

How our solution fulfilled the customer’s requirements

Requirement/sOngoing managed services for radio communications.
What drove the
Communication technology in aviation connecting passengers, frontline workers, devices and processes in a mission critical environment. 
How we fulfilled the requirement/sProgility Technologies is delivering ongoing communication services or a seamless, secure and reliable experience featuring simplified workflows and optimising safety and wellbeing of frontline workers and passengers.