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2 March 2022

Network relocation and disaster recovery services for Construction Group

A large construction company in Western Australia was relocating to a new premises that they had just completed building with a new server room. As part of the move, they were also retaining the old site as the disaster recovery location. Progility Technologies (Progility) was engaged to: 
– Design and implement a dual data centre extreme fabric for high availability and to support the disaster recovery (DR) plan.   
– Design and implement a dual internet Active\Active H/A design connected and integrated with the Extreme Fabric design for Internet H/A.  
– Integrate a Vocus WAN and WAN Optimisers into the high availability design.   
Progility has a proven track record in construction environments. Our technology experts understand the unique challenges and pain points in construction and work with our customers to tailor solutions that meet performance and operational objectives while adhering to regulations and required legislation. 

How our solution fulfilled the customer’s requirements

Requirement/sNetwork relocation and disaster recovery services.
What drove the
A network design that is simple and as easy as possible for support and 100% automated recovery for self-healing around failures.
How we fulfilled the requirement/sProgility Technologies was able to utilise existing microwave infrastructure that was then relocated for redundancy in the fabric and utilise OSPF as the layer 3 routing protocol as that is what the customer was familiar with. By delivering on a robust yet easy to use solution, the construction company is now using infrastructure that they are familiar with and keen manage and support with minimal downtime.