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2 March 2022

National PABX Managed Services for Healthcare Provider

One of Australia’s largest private hospital and healthcare providers engaged Progility Technologies (Progility) to provide critical communications across a network of 42 hospitals servicing each state and territory via a Managed Service Contract. 

Progility’s engagement includes supporting critical occasions, delivering frequently planned ad hoc turnkey solution projects and lifecycle upgrade projects. 
Hospitals are mission critical sites where communications form part of the critical backbone of operations and strict KPIs are set for all major communication channels to ensure performance and uptime. Progility has to date delivered turnkey projects including replacing an existing PABX with Unify Unified Communications platform, 24 x 7 support, MACs and maintenance for voice and wireless communications incorporating various stand-alone discrete systems including alerts and alarm integration (including messaging) across all hospital sites. 

How our solution fulfilled the customer’s requirements

Requirement/sOngoing managed services and communication upgrades in a mission critical environment.
What drove the
Technology in healthcare care connecting patients, frontline workers, devices and processes in a mission critical environment. 
How we fulfilled the requirement/sProgility Technologies is delivering ongoing managed services and associated projects including a PABX replacement for a seamless, secure and reliable experience featuring simplified workflows and optimising safety and wellbeing of frontline workers and patients through Unify unified communication solutions.