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2 March 2022

Connect PTX Deployed for Packaging, Paper and Resource Recovery Leader

A global leader in the packaging, paper and resource recovery industries heavily used their radio platform at a paper and cardboard recycling plant for local onsite communications.

While the radio platform provided excellent local communications, fleet of trucks picking up material could not participate in the communications as they were quickly out of range.  
Progility worked with the customer to ascertain key requirements for an upgraded communications solution:
– Improve communications between the drivers, leading hands and management 
– Increase communications between the drivers and the site  
– Over time reduce/remove, the number of devices in the truck. 
Understanding these requirements, Progility proposed Connect PTX, deployed to a ruggedised Android smartphone and a radio bridge to extend radio coverage beyond the local site. 

What is Connect PTX

Connect PTX is a cloud-based radio platform, it has all the features of a traditional radio platform; using the cloud and IP connectivity, it enables borderless Push-to-Talk. 

Deploying Connect PTX enhances your entire communication solution with powerful and flexible features. Connect PTX has been designed to run on the popular operating systems – Android, iOS & Windows and provides a modern user interface keeping people connected over an IP Network (eg. Cellular and Wi-Fi).

How our solution fulfilled the customer’s requirements

Requirement 1Improve communications between the drivers, leading hands and management.
What drove requirement 1Each truck had a tablet deployed, this enabled access to the task management and job tracking applications. 
The tablet was nearing the end of its lifecycle, the size and shape often meant it was left in the truck while the driver was not in the cab; leaving the driver out of contact. 
How we fulfilled requirement 1The smaller form factor of a ruggedised smartphone increased the mobility of the device; combining the phone with a cradle in the cab of the truck kept the device charged, secured and accessible while driving. 

Requirement 2Increase communications between the drivers and the site.
What drove requirement 2Drivers were unable to advise the site they were returning, leading to inefficiently in workflows and at times creating a traffic jam of trucks wishing to unload.   
How we fulfilled requirement 2A radio bridge was deployed to the site; appearing as a dedicated channel within the Connect PTX application; drivers could select the channel at any time to advise the site of their return; which allowed the site to prepare for the arrival. 

Requirement 3Reduce/remove the number of devices in the truck over a period of time.
What drove requirement 3Reduced complexity and clutter within the cab to ensure the driver focus on their core activities. 
How we fulfilled requirement 3The ruggedised Android smartphone User Interface (UI) provided a similar look and feel to the presently deployed tablets, reducing the need for drivers to upskill.  
While there is a notable difference in screen sizes between a tablet and a Smartphone; most modern applications are scalable to a variety of screens size while retaining usability.