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2 March 2022

A Victorian Regional Water Corporation’s Future Technology Roadmap

A Victorian regional water corporation identified that their phone system was no longer meeting their business needs but were unsure how to best fulfill the business needs moving into the future. 

Progility Technologies (Progility) was engaged to provide vendor agnostic consulting services and assist in developing the future technology roadmap. This approach saw Progility conduct a workshop with every contact centre and IT team to understand how the business was currently operating, including the assessment of the COVID-19 lockdowns and the impact the lockdowns had had on day-to-day operations. 

The workshops revealed that the operating environment already faced challenges prior to the onset of COVID-19. Business challenges ranged from carrier outages to call centres operating without any real form of call routing along with the inability to report on call volumes.  

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns Victoria faced further compounded the problems as the environment had been built to support users working at a single premise. Enabling the call centre to work remotely was a difficult task for the IT team and a steep learning curve for the call centre teams, with some employees using their personal phones to conduct business as usual (BAU) activities.  
Using the workshops and the information gathered, Progility produced a combined present state and future road map document, providing the customer with a complete picture of their environment including insights on how the present operating model was causing operational challenges. 
The second part of the document mapped the business requirements against technology requirements and priorities that would have the greatest impact of enhancing the customer’s operation. This document fed directly into a Request for Information (RFI) that was issued to the market. 
To enable the RFI, Progility worked with the customer to update and enhance an existing document to ensure the RFI captured the customer’s business and technical requirements and assist those responding to understand what challenges the customer was facing. 
Progility remained engaged with the customer throughout the RFI response process to assist in answering technical questions and general advice on the RFI. 
With the RFI process completed, Progility evaluated the responses against a consistent matrix. This enabled the customer to understand how to the various responses fit their needs and assisted in budgeting for a new environment allowing a short list of vendors to be produced. Progility was then able to present a short list matrix along with indicative costs. 

How our solution fulfilled the customer’s requirements

Requirement/sUnified communications consulting.
What drove the
Understanding best practice Unified Communication options.
How we fulfilled the requirement/sProgility Technologies worked in an open and collaborative fashion with the customer teams to ensure they a single universal insight into the problems that had been plaguing operations in the call centre space, while also educating the customer on current best practice contact centre environments. Working in a vendor agnostic approach allowed the customer to gain an understanding of the options that best fit their future requirements.